Manufactured Homes Or Mobile Homes

When you talk about manufactured homes , these are dwellings of single family having units of at least 320 square feet based on a permanent chassis. Each of the unit's placement on a permanent chassis is done to make sure of a lifetime of transportability of the home. These manufactured homes are constructed in sections or units and has a qualification in being called as manufactured homes due to their compliance in manufactured home construction and safety standards. An owner of a manufactured home might be looking for a documentation on their manufactured home which is making sure that their manufactured home was being built with the standards by finding the certification label or data plate of it. The data plate have the inclusion of the certification of the manufacturer that the home is designed with safety standard in which it is in effect on the date of the home it was being manufactured. In the data plate, it also have inclusion of the date of the manufacture, address and name of the manufacturing plant, serial number and model of the manufacturer, list of the certification labels that were applied to the home, roof load, major equipment, wind zone information and cooling or heating. There are important information found in the certification label regarding the manufactured home.

Mobile homes has been replaced with the term manufactured home. Mobile home is still being used due to the volume of the homes that were built before the construction standards and law changes. An owner of a mobile home could be able to know the year of their home was built by finding the data plate of certification label just like what I have mentioned before, or by finding their certificate of title and registration card that was issued during the time of purchase from mobile home lenders.

It is very important for you to know if a home is a mobile home or a manufactured home if ever the owners of mobile homes or a manufactured home is thinking of their home being sold or getting a mobile home loan or a refinance in manufactured home loans or others. There are companies offering a financing for both mobiles homes and manufactured homes but remember that the year that a home was built would have an effect on the terms and interest rate on the loan for mobile home or a manufactured home. You should know the terms of affordability and quality in buying either of the two is important.